First time user have the options to explore Safe Green Products sized to please the smallest preteen with hundreds of designs that appeal to the youthful mind; using quick changes and easy to fix match and create new designs its a challenge to the imagination: A blend of balanced products that protect the hands and feet from harsh chemicals. Mom and Me Fun Nights, Sleep Overs, Education, Family Bonding with Moms and Dads, Birthday's and Holiday's, a Safe Alternative to chemical exposure accidents and harsh environments that could cause harm without supervision like heat and finger damages of all kinds. Mom and Me Manicures Nail Products are Safe and Green Environment safe Alternative for the Health Balanced System of the body. NAIL ART Applications are easy and Safe the(MSDS) Safe Adhesive is the same used in Food Grade Products and are fun to apply at party's, and events at schools, church, at home while learning one of the best safe ways to do artificial and natural, applying nails and placing on NAIL ART. Keeps ones hands healthy and protected. Safe Green products with Hundreds of matching designs and templates that give the youthful spirit food for thought and creative challenges to conquer with Moms help. A good way to become familiar withSafe green Nail products and a good way to protect the delicate hands and feet of the preteen. Safe for the nail plate, and the nail matrix of the young.


  Sassy colors, One of a kind designs do it your self creations for school dances, proms, date nights, special events education, quick fixes, fun with friends, creative ways to express ones self, social outings, concerts events of all kinds, birthdays, holidays, high school, collage and special events of all kinds. With hundreds of design to choose from this safe Green product offers unlimited potential to create one own designs with color and nail art feature used in the professional markets today. A total do it yourself product that can be manipulated, cut and placed in layers upon the natural finger nail or any artificial nail surface including acrylics, gels linens, and nail wraps. The hand painted products are as close to designs done in a salon  and one can not tell andusing the many design features and individual placement give one the creative power to made something different and beautiful each time. Exquisite templates of different shapes like hearts, rainbow, flames animal print, sneakers, fruit and much more become as well of creative directions to choose from you are the creator of your own dreams. A special feature of the product is in its adhesive and in the many layers that can be applied; another special thing is the placement capabilities of the product as one can create optical illusions with color possibilities and designs wih out damage to the natural nail matrix. The best way is to explore the placement of the nail wrap as a solid color and as a base to be added to the placement can be put on the finger with a slight space close to the skin and nail cuticle no covering these areas will help with that professional look and give the top coat a place to seal the product on the nail surface. A good example is a thin line like a hairs length away from the cuticle or fleshy area of the finger with practice you will find that perfect placement that works for you and don't for get to cap the tip of the nail or crown. We are including a video for practical application purposes and some extra product as an introductory offer please check on our upcoming offers and reserve your extras today.


Extravagant, exquisite nail art that you can count on for quick fixes, date nights, movies, weddings, theater, opera events, gallery events and openings, auctions, outdoor events, cook offs, fun events, business trips, vacations and much more. You can create your own special look andcoordination different designs and colors making an individual statement and creating beautiful combinations matching outfits with your own nail art designs to be seen at, auto shows, balloon races, parties, gatherings get together with family and friends of all kinds, partys and fun times. Dances valentines day, business events and meetings or simply at home. How easy it is to do quick fixes by enhancing your nails with accents of all kinds its unlimited designs and colors. Your creative changes can go over or on a nail wrap, natural nail, gel nail, acrylic nail, or artificial nail enhancement used today. This safe green product is easy to use and master with only a few application you will be the creative expert for your own designs and beautiful hand painted nails or nail wrap. family fun nights are a special time when helping you child to learn about safe green products and how to apply nail art in a safe way; become an advocate to the healthy life style free of harsh chemicals and damaging heat and other unsafe practices that damage the bodies healthy balance system, promote the safe growth of your natural nails keep the body in balance as nature had intended and keep yourself safe from the harmful chemicals and environmental caustic products. This safe green product was designed to keep one system in balance the advanced nail techniques and application are easy to learn and apply. The placement of the product is simple and fast its easy and can be used over and over in many ways, in layers as a protective way to keep the nail matrix health. The product goes on best if a thin hair line separates the product from the skin and the cuticle the application lasts longer and no one will see the space as it is an optical illusion and another layer or color can beadded as the nail grows out in two to three weeks; don't forget to trim and cap the nail tip and crown for a good seal against water damage and lifting issues if the product is wrikled going on its to large if if comes off repeat the application and pay close attention to the top coat application during capping and crowning. Don't forget to have fun with your creations using the hundreds of designs and individual creative possibilities. Thank you for choosing MOMANDMEMANIS products. For Adults, Children of all ages enjoy life.